Terms and conditions


After the customer has contacted us, a consultation phase begins. Here we discuss which service is desired. If this is not done in text form, I, Yuninari, write down what is said and send it to the client for confirmation.

In most cases, I will first make a sketch and after the client's approval, I will make the final product.

After the discussion, the amount due will be mentioned. 50% (or another discussed part) of the price is to be done directly in case of sketching phase. I can cancel the order at any time and return the money to the client. After the end of the sketching phase (the delivery of the commissioned sketches) the 50% will not be refunded. If there is no sketching phase (e.g. for graphics & small drawings) the full price must be paid directly, otherwise the work will not be started.

Small corrections are included in the price. If the requested corrections reach a certain extent, an additional fee will be charged, the price of which will be determined by the contractor (Yuninari).

By paying a higher price, which will be discussed, I will treat the order on as a top priority and begin implementation as soon as possible, unless someone else has already taken advantage of this offer. But then the order would be started next.

Payment will be via PayPal only, unless I allow wire transfer.


Licenses, use & copyright

Sketches and drawn images are my intellectual property and I (Yuninari) still own all rights over them. I will also stream orders if applicable, if this is not desired please let me know. The contractor (Yuninari) reserves the right to use all works for personal purposes (portfolio, social media posts). None of my works, especially emotes and subbadges may be used for commercial remarketing (merchandise). However, if this is desired, a license can be purchased.