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About me: Tattoo Artist Julia

I’m a freelance Illustrator and Designer, who chose to go her own way after finishing her apprenticeship as a media designer. While graduating High School, being specialised on fine art, I already knew I would work as a designer in the future. So here I am offering my services to you, feel free to have a look around!

194 days part-time freelancer
44 satisfied customers
66 tattoos done

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Here you can see a rough classification of all of my services! If you’re interested in one of them, take a look at what i have to offer!

snake tattoo


Here you can have a look at all of my Illustrations and prices. If you wish something to be illustrated by me, contact me!

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geometric lion tattoo drawing


If you’re searching for someone who draws the tattoo of your dreams while maintaining close contact and involving you into the process, I’m here to help you out.

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  • Thanks to Yuni, my vague tattoo idea became a beautiful design and finally my dream tattoo. The contact was absolutely uncomplicated, sympathetic, patient, open and creative. I am super satisfied and will certainly come back to her.

    profilepicture michaela

    Michaela Tattoo Statue Burning Man Inner Child

  • All my tattoos have been drawn in advance by Yuni. Somehow she manages every time to understand my confused idead and imagination and turn them into a unique template. Thank you so much! She really has great talent.

    profilepicture vanessa

    Vanessa Tattoo Silhouette, Mountains and Nightsky

  • I had the great opportunity to design and technically implement a personal homepage on behalf of Yuni. The collaboration went really seamlessly and was very amusing as well! Thank you very much for trusting me with such an extensive project.

    profilbild phil

    Philipp Website design collaboration

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Are you interested in those topics and want to know what kind of thoughts I have? Feel free to drop by. I’m looking forward to you!

16 November 2022

The most beautiful and currently popular tattoo styles

Sketch Style: They look like sketches that the tattoo artist paints on the skin. With thick and thin lines and rough shading, sometimes with a hatching effect, this wild style becomes what it is.

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For the arrangement of a tattoo appointment I am at your disposal. You can contact me on Instagram or WhatsApp or email me at [email protected].